The vision of Pamoja We Can!!! Harambee USA is to become the leader in championing traditional self-help events (such as pre-funeral planning) for members of the Tanzanian diaspora in the United States.


  • Background:  Tanzanians in the diaspora have been faced with the death of fellow members in the recent past. When such deaths occur, they have had to regroup in order to raise money for the cost of a funeral. This has been a rather frustrating  process because in many cases,  there have been no funds to withdraw  from, to cover the cost of transporting the deceased back home. Thus members have had to organize instant meetings to raise enough money for that purpose.

  • Pamoja We Can!!!Harambee USA’s mission is to reinvent the process in the front end, such that members will plan ahead for their funerals in order to alleviate all the costs associated with a funeral (i.e.,  transportation, embalming,  funeral arrangements, etc)  so that the deceased can be handled  with respect and dignity at the burial of their choice. The mission therefore is to:

      • Create a financial account for the costs of embalming, cremating and or repatriation of the deceased member who dies while in the United States.

      • Regroup all Tanzanians and their delegates from all 50 states in order to have a united front.